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About This Journal

This journal is mostly friends locked. The only unlocked entries are the ones where I post scans and those with my old fanarts and fanfics. Nowadays I post fanfic and fanart @pafupafukashite so feel free to watch the community instead of my journal if you are here for that. 
If you want to add me feel free to do so, but don't take it personally if I don't add you back. I'm currently not adding people unless I know who they are and we talked either here on LJ or on Twitter. I don't bite, so if you want to talk with me and you think we could be friends, please comment on this post or add me on twitter.
I also have Tumblr and I'm one of the proud mums of AskEbi♥Kisu Tumblr.
I'm not very active on LJ, but I am quite active on Twitter.
One day I'l write an introduction post about me (orz laziness) but for now please refer to my LJ profile.


Since this fanfiction is becoming very very long, I realized it might need an index!
For now it is only in Italian, but I'm starting to work on an English translation. I'll post an index for the translated chapters here as well. 

Italian VersionCollapse )

English VersionCollapse )

Sorry for the post in Italian. I really wanted to let out my feelings about Yokoo's interview, but since it's something I'm doing for myself, I didn't bother to write it in English. Feel free to talk to me about that if you wish. I made up my mind, but it's not like I'm saying people who think differently about it are wrong and I will refuse to listen to your opinion about it. Well, now I seem really too serious saying that, but, that's how I am feeling right now.


Voglio scrivere questo post per me stessa. Ho pensato a mille cose mentre non dormivo questa notte e l’unica conclusione a cui sono giunta è che devo sfogarmi in qualche modo, quindi eccoci qui.

Comincio dicendo che questa intervista l’avevo leggiucchiata già in originale e già prevedevo sarebbe successo un casino. Ma al di là di quello che pensano gli altri di Wataru (onestamente, non sono qui per dirvi che ve deve piacè o meno un idol), la mia maggiore preoccupazione è stata quello che pensavo io di lui dopo aver letto l’intervista. Mi sono tenuta tutto dentro finché non è stata tradotta in inglese, anche perché con il mio schifoso giapponese avrei potuto capire male qualcosa. XD; Rileggendola in Inglese e comprendendo meglio le cose, ho soltanto rivissuto più intensamente quello che avevo già provato, riempito i vuoti e analizzato meglio la situazione.

Prima dell’intervista di Wararu, ci sono stati punti delle interviste degli altri che mi hanno lasciato con l’amaro in bocca o con le lacrime agli occhi, ma nulla è stato forte mai quanto questa.
E’ vero che Wataru è ormai diventato uno dei miei kisumai preferiti, quindi questo deve aver influito, però non è solo quello. Scommetto che questa intervista ha colpito molte persone anche se non erano sue fan, è proprio impossibile che non lo abbia fatto.

Devo ammettere che non seguo Wataru da quando mi piacciono i kisumai. Prima del debutto per me era solo un kisumai come gli altri, era lì, e non lo avevo mai notato più di tanto. Ho cominciato ad osservarlo meglio solo dopo il debutto, quando si è pian piano fatto strada nel mio cuore arrivando praticamente allo stesso livello di Fujigaya (per cui ho un amore smisurato). Nonostante tutto, benchè vedere le cose scritte così sia pur sempre uno shock, non mi sorprende più di tanto che Wataru vedesse le cose in un determinato modo. Wataru non è mai stato quello che si buttava in mezzo felice di fare le cose, diciamoci la verità.

il resto sotto al cut, che è lungaCollapse )

Scusate se mi sono dilungata tanto e in italiano non so scrivere, grazie davvero se avete letto.

Xmas wish list

Okay so basically I did a post about Christmas cards and many of you told me you want to send me one, but of course you need my address to do so. Please contact me on twitter or noellachan84@gmail.com and I'll send it to you :3

You totally don't have to, but if you want to send me something for Christmas, a card or postcards would be great :3

Otherwise, and also for all the people who feel generous, here's a list of things that I'd love to receive.

☆ Fic!
First choice is YokoFuji, because I'm not obvious. But I'll GLADLY take any NiSen and YokoNika. It doesn't have to be porn but I won't complain if it is; it can be something cute and fluffy, something funny, something kinky, anything! XD
Other pairings that I'd like to read: NikaFuji, MiyaTama, YokoTama, YokoKita, Yokoo/anyone really, or a good old KitaFuji in which they bicker a lot. Also anything FumaKen and anything involving sekuzon (NOT porn with the kids please XD) or Baka6 (any pairing you can think of with Jesse, Hokuto, Yugo, Juri and Yasui even if he's not baka6). Or a nice KoyaShige.

☆ Fanarts
There are not many people who draw in this fandom, but if you do, please please draw me something :3 any kisumai will do, refer to the previous point for preferences.

☆ Fic rec
Point me to any good fic! Same preferences still applies. XD

☆ Icons! Or banners.
If you feel like making graphic, I'd really like new icons. Simple are best! :3 Or a friend-only banner. Or a layout for lj. *greedy* u__u;

☆Any comment you want to leave me here, even just to wish me happy xmas :3

☆Cards, postcards, any photo, clippings, stuff you want to send me.

Thanks! ♥

Xmas Cards

Sanchan's post about Christmas cards reminded me that it is almost Christmas °_°

Last here I didn't do a proper post for Christmas cards, but I sent out some of them to people I follow on twitter. This year I want to do things properly.

People who want a card from me, please reply to this post with your address and preferences for the card (comments are screened).

The cards will be fandom themed. I prefer drawing kisumai, just because I know already how to do it, but I might give a try to other fandoms like abc-z, sexy zone, smap etc or tell me what you like and I'll see if I can draw it. XD

Let me know in your comment what do you want on your card, any particular member or pairing, in a specific outfit or pose, or if you have no idea, I'll think about that too.

There's no need to send anything in exchange, but if you want to send me a card (it doesn't necessarily have to be handmade) I will give you my address. It will make me happy to receive it. :)


I decided to attempt NaNo. I'm back on lj just to announce this basically. I'll start posting NaNo chapters (?) here, but the entries will be filtered so if you think you extremely want to read my NaNo on friend page, please let me know, and I'll add you to the filter when I start posting.

I'm sorry in advance for all the fuss I'll make about this (especially on twitter) and for NaNo being in awkward English. It's about Kisumai though. With Takki and ABC-Z.

I hope it will be fun to write.
First of all a big hi and welcome to the new friends I met on the friending meme!♥

I'm still deciding what to do of my life today. I've done some work and I've tried to write fanfic and I kind of failed in both but I won't go into details.
As it's sunny again after weeks of cloudy and rainy weather, I was thinking of going out, but even the sun it's not an excuse to leave this room today, that's how I feel and I know it's pathetic. I'll just write this entry and force myself out of here before I become too lazy for anything.

Next week it's my birthday and I'll be working all day. Let me complain a bit, I've been working too many extra hours in the past few weeks.

I caught up with shinikare finally, and I must admit I'm thankful to the screenwriter/producer/director/everyone because I truly like it. And not just because Taisuke is amazing in there, well he is obviously, but I like the weirdness of the story and the characters.

I kind of gave up catching up with other dramas for now, but I will find the time maybe during the weekend. Not planning much, aside for a friend's birthday, I will just be lazy, go for coffees with friends or a walk in the park if it's still sunny.

I can't wait to be in Italy in August. I feel like I need a break from everything and I want to see my family and friends again. I also promised two of my friends that I'll treat them to dinner if Yokoo will get some solo work. It is highly unlikely he will get some before August, but I like to believe it will happen one day. *insert tears for one of her favourite members*
Of course I'm talking about TV jobs, I'm not counting the butai (besides Nika is in it too ♥)!XD

And next week it's not only my birthday. It's one of the kids birthday too, which means at least I will have the morning off because the mother will have breakfast with them and bring them to school.

Next week kisumai dvd will be out and if it will take two days with the express delivery it might arrive exactly the day of my birthday!♥
Another friends cut. No hard feelings, maybe we just don't have much in common or we don't talk, that's it.

Because I haven't written about this here

nor I did spam this enough on twitter ect.


Pretty please!

So I'm back to work (and to work out a way of going back to Japan soon) and all is fine. I spent a bit too much during my holiday but who wouldn't? Soon I'll make a post with some pics even if the photos I've taken are mostly of un_sanzo making weird faces.
Seeing all those johnnys in just ten days was a bit of a record, and I'm very very happy I could. I'll never forget those moments. But I'll probably write more about it in a future post as well. I hate being so busy.
Why can't it be holiday forever?!?*whines*

I also hate being poor now, because I'd like to buy all the kisumai new pics and I can't. I mean, I could but there goes my project of saving for Japan!>_>; And I never wanted to collect shop photos before, I usually just get albums, singles and DVDs. As if that wasn't enough.

OK... back to work now.

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